These tips to beat the heat are effective, will increase immunity and keep the body temperature stable

Increasing mercury during summer season not only warms the atmosphere but also increases the temperature of our body. Use of water and cold drinks increases to protect yourself from harsh sunlight, heat and heat and to keep yourself cool. The effect of its consumption comes in the form of lack of hunger on our health. Therefore, it is important to know how to protect us from heat and health. You can also keep yourself cool by following a few instructions and your health will not be affected.

Heat prevention tips

To beat the heat, use juicy food like ghee, cucumber, tinda, watermelon, melon in your diet. These foods are cold in Taseer and are also beneficial for health.

Lack of water in the body reduces the level of minerals and vitamins. Loss of nutrients can cause dizziness and weakness. Use foods with high water content in your diet.

Our digestive system becomes weak in summer. Loss of appetite decreases. Therefore, we should eat light food. Avoid eating fried, processed food, ghee, butter, because they are too heavy for the stomach.

In summer, cold drinks and ice cream are full. Avoid every possible use of it as they go into the stomach and produce heat. It is best to eat homemade prepared lemonade, sorbet, buttermilk, curd or coconut water or shake.

Generally, the distance from the sorbet of sattu is made, but it has a very good effect on health. Apart from being a great source of energy, it is also a drink that enhances stamina. With its use, the body temperature remains stable and the digestive system is smooth.

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