This is the first symptom of Omicron infection, be alert as soon as you see it

Omicron Infectiom First Symptom: Omicron infection is spreading rapidly. Although it is being told time and again that this variant of Corona is not very fatal. We will tell you only that health experts have not reached any decision regarding this virus and scientists are continuously researching it. This is the reason why doctors are constantly appealing that you do everything possible to avoid getting caught by this virus.

This virus is spreading very fast and now weekend lockdown has also been imposed in most places. In such a situation, it is important that you know what is the first symptom seen when you are in the grip of this virus. So that if any one person in the family is infected, then he can isolate himself. This will make it easier to protect other family members from infection.

George Moreno, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine in the US, told the press that most patients when infected with Omicron had initial symptoms.

  • First of all, there is a feeling of dryness, soreness or sharp burning in the throat.
  • After this there is a problem like nasal congestion, dry cough. That is, initially there are problems related to the upper respiratory tract.
  • After this, problems like body breakdown, body pain start dominating.

Health experts from different countries have almost the same opinion about the way Omicron is dominating the body. People infected with this virus first have a sore throat or a burning sensation in the throat. However, some health experts also say that sore throat comes with headache and cough problem. Let us tell you that before reaching the nose, this virus is spreading the infection well in the throat. However, being infected with this virus does not affect the aroma and taste.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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