This lesson of Sai Baba will get rid of stress, know at what time it will be beneficial

Sai Baba Path: Apart from Lord Vishnu, Sai Baba is also worshiped on Thursday. Sai devotees take many measures along with fasting, worship on this day to please them. Sai lived his whole life with simplicity. For this reason, worship of Sai Baba is also very easy. Sai Baba was definitely a spiritual guru but his devotees worship him like a god. It is said that one who takes refuge in Sai with a sincere heart, all his troubles go away. Every wish is fulfilled. It is believed that by reciting Sai Chalisa, all the wishes of the devotee are fulfilled, but it is said that if one recites Sai’s Shri Satya Sharan Panchakam on Thursday, then one gets freedom from stress. Let us know what is the method of doing this lesson.

How to do Sri Satya Sharan Panchakam Lesson:
This recitation, which brings peace of mind, is done in the evening after worshiping Sai on Thursday.
Remember Sai by lighting a lamp in front of Sai’s picture in the evening.
Now recite Sri Satya Sharan Panchakam with a calm mind.
It is believed that by doing this lesson daily, health related problems are removed.
This lesson not only gives mental peace but it is also effective in increasing self-confidence.

Sri Satya Sharan Panchakam Lesson:
Durvardurvishaduhkhashatabhighatai- Durarditsya Bhagavan, Manso Gatistvam.
Dishtyadya divyakarunavarunalayam tan tva satyasayibhagavan, sharanam prapadye॥1॥
Mandasmitatiramanimukharvindam karunyavarshakamaniyakatakshapatam.
Shantipradam bhrishamshanthridantaranam tva satyasayibhagavan, sharanam prapadye॥2॥
Bhuyasmutsukamatirbhagavatpadabja- Sewasu Bhagavatasakthanotsweshu.
Na syan durantarabhautikasaukhyamgan- sthva satyasayi bhagavan, sharanam prapadye॥3॥
Nityam svadharma vaas karmamayprasunai- ratyantapavanataraih paripujya cha tvam.
Satyam Prashantimupagachatu jeevan mein tva satyasai bhagavan, sharanam prapadye॥4॥
Divyanubhav, Daya shishirikurusva dinam bhavacharanadasamum mahatman.
Tvaddarsanamritkanasvadnaikrupta – sthva satyasayi bhagavan, sharanam prapadye॥5॥

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