Thunderstorms at the end of summer: asthmatics and allergic to pollen, everyone in the shelter!

OUR ADVICES – There is a close temporal link between the arrival of the storm, a very strong rise in the concentration of pollen grains and the occurrence of asthma attacks.

Did you know that almost six times more asthma attacks occur during thunderstorms? The phenomenon is unknown, but it occurs every year in late spring and summer. And it could become of concern because of the highly likely increase in the frequency of heavy precipitation episodes, including thunderstorms, in climate change scenarios for decades to come.

This asthma is called “storm asthma”. One of the earliest observations was provided by Packe and Ayres at East Birmingham Hospital (Birmingham, UK) on July 6-7, 1983. In the Lancet in 1985, the authors describe a significant increase in the number of emergency room admissions for asthma attacks during thunderstorms. In 36 hours, 26 cases were treated in the emergency room, compared to a daily average of 2 or 3 cases in the days before the onset of the storm episode. Most recent event

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