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“The Adventures of Little Nicolas”

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The inkwells have disappeared, the schoolchildren no longer wear short breeches and no longer go to the picket line. But Little Nicolas, born sixty-two years ago from the friendship of René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé, has not aged a bit and his malicious ingenuity still makes us laugh. This fiction concert, captured in studio 104 of the Maison de la radio on November 13, is a brilliant example of this. Pauline Thimonnier, who signs the adaptation, drew on the hundreds of published adventures to choose extracts and tell, month after month, a year in the life of Nicolas, from his return from summer camp at the end of August until the prize distribution in June.

Between the brawls at recess and the afternoons playing cowboys and Indians in the garden, we find the turbulent band of friends: Agnan, the cheeky darling, the dunce Clotaire, Alceste, “Who can eat all the time and who is never sick”, Geoffroy whose father is very rich and who sometimes gives his toys to his friends “To finish breaking them” or even Eudes “Who gives a lot of punches but only to his friends because he is very shy” !

Great voices

The formulas are all the more tasty as they are spoken with candor by formidable young actors, Viggo Ferreira-Redier in the lead in the role of Nicolas. The actors of the French give them the reply with relish: Michel Vuillermoz puts on the skimpy costume of the director, discouraged by these “Scoundrels who will end up in prison” (!), Gilles David the gray blouse of Le Bouillon, the pawn who distributes deductions like other candies.

Marina Hands brings her sensitive voice to Nicholas’ mother, overwhelmed by household chores and the whims of her beloved son, and Noam Morgensztern is the perfect old-fashioned but loving patriarch, oscillating between annoyance and the joy of rediscovering her. own childhood facing an electric train. A very nice holiday gift!


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