To be bald for women: diets, stress and war of hormones to maneuver

Even if the case is rarer and therefore less studied, the techniques of conventional surgery may be well suited for women.

For women, the baldness equation is not easy to solve. With a pathology that affects one in two men but only two in ten women, it is no wonder that scientific research does not focus on suitable solutions: of the only two effective drugs, one is forbidden to them and the other does not owe them. be prescribed only at a reduced dose … The causes of baldness in women are also less studied and therefore less known, except that which appears after menopause and which resembles male androgenic alopecia.

After menopause, the disappearance of estrogen leaves more room for the expression of male hormones, which can then exert their influence on the hair bulbs, as in men. In women, androgenic baldness is more diffuse, however, and first appears around the line on the top of the head. Little by little, the hair becomes thinner and loses its density, only very rarely reaching complete baldness.

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