To look cool and stylish, wear a rubber band in your hand, you can die!

Health Care Tips In Hindi: It is the result of some laziness and some smartness that in addition to bangles, bracelets or watches, hair-tying rubber is also seen in the wrists of women with long hair. Women usually put this rubber in their wrist so that they can apply it immediately in the hair when needed and at that time they do not have to waste time and effort to find it. Thinking is smart, but its effect is very fatal, so much so that it can prove to be fatal. Learn here why you shouldn’t put a headband rubber band around the wrist of your hand…

This is a case study

Recently, a surprising case came in front of doctors in America. A woman who came to the hospital had two-three thick bumps on her wrist. When they were examined, it was found that it is a serious type of infection. And when the reason for the growth of this infection was found out, the reason for wearing a hair tie in the wrist came to the fore.

infection spread like this
Rubber bands used for binding hair are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria spread many types of infections on the skin, and when they reach serious condition, they can also get into the blood through the skin. Due to this, toxic elements start increasing in the blood. This condition is called blood poisoning. Yes, the bacteria growing in rubber bands can prove to be fatal.

There is not only one type of infection
The bacteria growing in rubber bands are not of any one type and due to the many types of bacteria, the infection caused by them is also different. In America, the woman who got an infection due to wearing a rubber band on her wrist is named Audrey Koppo and not one but three types of bacterial infections were found in Audrey’s body. These include thick bumps, abscesses and the presence of bacteria in the blood. If Audrey’s condition was not detected in time, her life could have been lost. That’s why you should give up the habit of wearing rubber bands in the wrists.

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