To make the makeup look perfect, apply foundation like this

Foundation is very important for the perfect makeup look. Facial breakouts can be covered with the help of foundation. Not only this, the spots on the face are also covered with the foundation. The foundation makes the skin look flawless. However, this happens only when you apply foundation properly on your face. On the other hand, if you want the foundation to stay on your face for a long time and your makeup look looks perfect, then for this you should take care of some things. Let us tell you here what things you should keep in mind while applying foundation.

Cleanse the face You should always clean your face before applying foundation. That means you should wash your face. This is because dust and dirt accumulate on our face, which if you do not clean it, then it can spoil your makeup look. You can also use cleanser for this.

Choose foundation according to your skin type There are many different types of foundations to be found in the market. This includes liquids, serums, tinted oils, powders, sticks, whipped mousses and creams, etc. In such a situation, if you do not choose a foundation according to your skin tone, then it can spoil your makeup look. If you have oily skin then you should use oil free foundation. On the other hand, moisturizer based foundation should be chosen for dry skin.

Cleaning makeup tools If you want the perfect look, then you should keep cleaning the makeup tools from time to time.

Foundation matches the neck Most of the women choose foundation only according to the color of their face but it is wrong to do so. Let us tell you that there are three shades of foundation, warm, cool, and neutral. Apply foundation of any one shade of the three on your jawline and then blend it and you should use foundation of the same shade which will get absorbed quickly in your skin.

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There is a difference between compact and loose powder, both are used in different ways.


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