To what dose of natural radioactivity are you exposed in your municipality?

EXCLUSIVE – The French are constantly subjected to radiation present naturally in their environment. The disparities between sometimes close places are significant.

Radioactivity is everywhere. It is not about civil or military nuclear issues. It is a much less known natural phenomenon in question. Each French person is subjected all year round to a more or less strong dose of radiation depending on where they live and the characteristics of their accommodation. We are talking about radioactivity coming from the depths of the earth (telluric radiation), from space (cosmic radiation) and above all from that linked to radon, an odorless gas present in certain regions which also comes from underground. The latter, too little known, represents the second cause of death from lung cancer after cigarettes in France.

Using data provided by the IRSN (Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety), the organization in charge of radiological monitoring of the environment, we have calculated the average annual exposure to natural radioactivity faced by the population. of each of the towns and villages of France…

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