Today’s Nakshatra: July 17 is the date of Ashtami on Saturday, the constellation is Chitra, worship Shani Dev

Aaj Ka Panchang : Today is a special day according to the Panchang. On Saturday, 17th July is the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. On this day, according to the Panchang, a good yoga is being formed to worship Shani Dev. Worshiping Shani removes the inauspiciousness.

today’s constellation
Chitra Nakshatra is on Saturday. Vishwakarma ji is considered to be the deity of this constellation. According to astrology, the position of Chitra Nakshatra is 14th among the 27 constellations. It is considered good to fast and worship Devraj Indra in Chitra Nakshatra. Two phases of this constellation come under Virgo and two phases under Libra. The lord of this constellation is Mars. Those who have the status of being commander in the Navagrahas. At present, the planet Mars is sitting in Cancer sign.

Today’s Planetary Position

  • Taurus – Rahu
  • Gemini – Mercury
  • Cancer – Sun, Mars and Venus
  • Virgo – Moon
  • Scorpio – Ketu
  • Capricorn – Shani Dev
  • Aquarius – Jupiter

Venus Transit in Leo
The zodiac sign of Venus is changing in Leo. According to the Panchang, on July 17, 2021, on Saturday, Venus will transit in Leo at 09:13 am.

Today’s Yoga
According to the Panchang, two auspicious yogas are being formed today. Shiva Yoga remains till 07:22 in the morning. After this there will be Siddha Yoga.

today’s date
Today is the date of Ashtami. There is a law to worship Lord Shiva and Mother Durga on this date. This date is also called Kalavati. The date of Ashtami is considered good for learning various arts. Ashtami Tithi of Shukla Paksha occurs when the difference between Sun and Moon is from 85 degree to 96 degree degree. Ashtami of Krishna Paksha occurs when the difference between Sun and Moon is from 265 to 276 degree degree.

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