Today’s Nakshatra: What is the date on September 05? Know today’s constellation and today’s fast and worship

Aaj Ka Nakshatra, Aaj Ki Tithi 05 Septembe 2021, Aaj Ka Panchang: 05 September 2021, Sunday is the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, Trayodashi Tithi is ending at 08.23 am. After this the date of Chaturdashi will start. This date is also called Monthly Shivratri.

Today’s date (Aaj Ki Tithi)
According to the Panchang, Trayodashi Tithi is ending on 05 September 2021 and Chaturdashi Tithi will start. Both the date of Trayodashi and the date of Chaturdashi are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pradosh fast is observed on Trayodashi and monthly Shivaratri fast is observed on Chaturdashi. The Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of every month is called Monthly Shivaratri. Worship of Lord Shiva is considered to remove all the troubles. Lord Shiva should be worshiped on this day in a ritualistic manner.

Today’s Yoga (Aaj Ka Yog)
Parigh Yoga remains on 05 September, Sunday. Parigha Yoga will remain till 08:30 in the morning. After this Shiva Yoga will start, Parigha Yoga is not considered auspicious. By working in this yoga, desired success is not achieved. In this yoga, success is achieved in defeating the enemy.

Today’s Nakshatra
According to the Panchang, Ashlesha Nakshatra is on 05 September 2021. This nakshatra has got the ninth position out of the 27 constellations of the sky. The lord of this constellation is Mercury. Which is currently creating Raja Yoga in Virgo. Mercury is considered the factor of speech and commerce etc. The people born in Ashlesha Nakshatra are intelligent and do every work in a very beautiful way. Such people are more emotional, due to which they also have to suffer. In the matter of money, such people achieve success through their hard work.

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Surya Dev plays an important role in creating a famous personality, he also brings progress in the job, special yoga is being made on September 05 to please the Sun God.

This is a big difference between Mahashivratri and monthly Shivratri, special yoga of worship of Shiva is being made on September 05


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