Tokyo 2021: “essential” Olympics, “athletes more motivated than ever”, says Maracineanu



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Roxana Maracineanu, swimming champion who became Minister Delegate in charge of Sports, is the guest of the “4 Vérités” of France 2, Friday July 23.

The Tokyo Olympics begin on Friday July 23. “There is a little bit of emotion and anxiety. Our athletes have been waiting for five years for this competition which will last two weeks. Given the period we have just lived, the athletes are more motivated than ever”, commented Friday morning in the “4 Truths” the Minister of Sports, silver medalist in swimming at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The Olympics take place without an audience, it’s unprecedented. “If we are used to having the family support us, if we know how to use the public, that can be penalizing. On the other hand, the big screens, a lot of people, all this waiting around us may be minimized“, she believes.”In recent months, athletes have become accustomed to living their competition without an audience “.

“I don’t think it will be a soulless Olympics because the whole world will follow them. The athletes will know how to make us vibrate and dream. The whole world also needs all these emotions. For athletes, it was essential that ‘ they stand and for France too, which will host the Olympics in 2024, it is very important to have this Japanese experience“, explains the minister who will be present in Tokyo from August 1 to 8.

Whether it’s a good or a bad experience, that’s always a catch. For the youngest selected, having done the Olympics before those in Paris is already having gained many years of experience. I’m sure it will go well for our team. We would like to come back with forty medals and a quarter of gold medals. This is the point we want to strengthen. We increased the bonuses: 65,000 euros for a gold medal. It matters because they are not all professionals and that motivates at the time of the Games“, concludes Roxana Maracineanu.

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