Tongue can be colored by these habits, know ways to avoid them

It is important for you to keep healthy of every part of the body. But many times we do not pay as much attention to the health of our mouth as compared to the rest of the body. Usually we consider brushing to be a cleanliness of the mouth. But if you do not clean your tongue then you may have many problems. The tongue may become sticky due to dirty tongue, it may smell bad, the tongue may change color to black or yellow.

Poor lifestyle can change the color of your tongue to black. A protein called keratin is usually formed on the surface of the tongue. Due to which the color of the tongue starts to darken. Although it is very rare. But due to many dirty habits, your tongue may turn black. If you do not clean your mouth properly, do not do dental checkup in routine, do not eat healthy things and smoke then the color of your tongue can change. Let us know what are the reasons and remedies for the tongue being black in color.

What does it mean to have a dark tongue?
Darkness of the tongue means there is bacteria in the throat or fungus may be the reason for it. However, it is not a problem for the tongue to turn black. You can also correct this yourself. Another reason for black tongue is to cover the skin of the tongue with a protein called keratin. Sometimes keratin accumulates on the tongue. Which may cause your tongue to turn black. The doctors call it the dark-haired tongue.

Symptoms of darkening of the tongue
There are many reasons why the tongue is black in color. Because of which it can have different symptoms. It is not necessary that the color of black tongue is always black. By the way, the initial symptoms of darkening of the tongue are that long, threads are formed on your tongue. Because of which dark hair looks like on the tongue. People feel these symptoms when they have black tongue.

1- The color of the tongue starts changing. Due to which the tongue becomes black, white or yellow.
2- Sometimes the tongue starts sticking. However, it is not necessary to change the color of the tongue.
3- Many times it starts burning in the mouth.
4- The taste of the mouth gets spoiled.
5- When the tongue becomes black, it starts to smell bad.

The tongue becomes black due to these habits

⦁ If you do not clean your mouth properly like brushing regularly and cleaning your tongue, then the color of your tongue may turn black.
⦁ Tobacco and cigarette smoking also cause diseases of the tongue and teeth. The color of your tongue may be darkened by smoking.
पीने Even after drinking more coffee, the tongue turns black.
⦁ Even after drinking black tea continuously, the color of the tongue becomes black.
⦁ If you do not take care of your food. Do not take the right diet, your tongue may turn black.

Home remedies to correct black tongue

If the color of your tongue is black, then you should be alert about the health of the mouth. Although the blackening of the tongue is not so damaging, but the smell coming from the mouth while you talk can make you ashamed.

1- First of all, you should brush with toothpaste containing fluoride regularly.
2- To remove bacteria and dirt from the upper surface of the tongue, clean the tongue with regular cabbage.
3- To remove the odor from the mouth, rinse with salt in hot water.
4- Brush every time after eating and clean the tongue also. Do not forget to brush even at night.
5- Apply baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to the tongue
6- Drink plenty of water and keep your stomach clean.
7- Eat more and more raw fruits and vegetables.

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