Tools to be better informed

The Clemi. The Center for Media and Information Literacy website has countless resources, including videos for young people, educators and also families.

Info or myth? The critical thinking channel for teens. Launched in November 2021 by Milan presse, this media and information literacy YouTube channel teaches how to thwart fake news and understand where conspiracy theories come from.

HugoDecrypt. YouTuber Hugo Travers deals with daily news, via short formats on social networks under the pseudonym of HugoDécrypte. Very popular with young people, it has more than 1.5 million subscribers. Since January, he also hosts the news show “Mashup” on the Twitch network.

The Morning Is Yours. Journalist Samuel Étienne reviews the day’s press live on Twitch, the platform for video game enthusiasts. He reads excerpts from articles and discusses current events with his 475,000 subscribers, including many young people.

The selection of the Flint robot. This tool allows you to get out of “information chaos”, by selecting the best journalistic work (articles, studies, podcasts, documentaries, etc.), “thanks to a clever mix” of artificial and human intelligence. By subscribing to, one receives a newsletter created ” tailored “addressed in free or paid version.


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