Tourism: a “complicated” month of July for the French hotel industry, says the president of UMIH Hôtellerie

While this weekend marks the traditional crossover on the roads, between Julyists and Aoutiens, the president of the hotel branch of the UMIH, draws up a first assessment of the month of July Friday July 30 on franceinfo and he was “very complicated”. Laurent Duc denounces “a disaster” of the implementation of the health pass in hotels and fears that with the resumption of the epidemic, they will be “the first to be limited or closed”.

Was July good in hotels?

It’s complicated for the hotel industry because today we are in a situation where people are waiting, so make last minute reservations. Take the example of the announcement of the President of the Republic on the health pass for hotels, it is a disaster since hotels do not necessarily have a kitchen, or, when they have a restaurant, people who are not unvaccinated cannot access it and therefore cancel their reservations to go to accommodation where they will be more independent, which have kitchenettes and where they can cook themselves. All that part of the population, the roughly 40% of people who cannot eat in restaurants, do not go to their knees to eat in their rooms. So, we had great movements.

Have you had a lot of cancellations, or are they marginalized?

We cannot say that it remains on the margins, because reservations in the hotel industry, even in summer, are often last minute reservations, except in hotel clubs or places where we reserve entire weeks. Often, it’s part of a trip and people decide their trips later and later, especially since the health crisis, since we do not know what sauce we are going to be eaten. So if there is a ray of sunshine, we have people. If it rains, people don’t move. Overall, we make 80% of our turnover that we usually do in July-August. But we, the hotels, are still missing all that very international part which is usually the prerogative of France and which is missing this year.

How is August shaping up?

It is looming, a priori, better in terms of weather, which, for holidaymakers is good news. It is still the strongest month. Unfortunately, 30 departments have again a strong growth of the epidemic, and I am afraid that we are the first concerned, that we are the first to be limited or closed. Our hotels have never been closed, but you know, going to a hotel without a restaurant, or without a nightclub is a bit of a failed hotel vacation. Everyone understood that we were the adjustment variable all the time. We, the restaurateurs or our hotel-restaurants, suffer the full brunt of each time there is an advertisement. And this is a situation that nobody is going through very well at the moment.

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