Towards a new postponement of the switch from DIF to CPF?

1er Next January, it should no longer be possible to transfer the training hours accumulated under the individual right to training (DIF) to the personal training account (CPF), created in 2015. A credit of hours which will be transformed in euros and which can still amount to up to € 1,800 per employee.

In theory, handling is quite simple (read the benchmarks). All you have to do is connect to, create an account there, then enter the DIF hours accumulated until 2014. But, while waiting for the establishment of the CPF, many employees have carefully tidied up this information received in 2015… To never come back to it!

According to an Ipsos survey for the English trainer Wall Street English, only 17% of employees have deferred their rights, 12% intending to do so on time. And 57% don’t know that their DIF rights can still be used. “Based on the principle that the CPF is a personal account whose rights can be mobilized without referring to its employer, companies have lost interest in it”, regrets Natanael Wright, president of Wall Street English in France.

At the Caisse des Dépôts, which manages the CPF, we do not want to be so alarmist. “Today, out of 21 million active employees, 5 million have entered their DIF rights, recalls Michel Yahiel, director of retirement and solidarity. This is still insufficient, but we must also bet on the last minute effect. ” He thus expects 6 to 7 million accounts transferred at the end of the year. In addition, the CPF being capped at € 5,000 (€ 8,000 for the least qualified employees) and each employee receiving € 500 per year (€ 800 for the less qualified), this account fills up fairly quickly. “Someone who would not transfer his DIF rights to the CPF, would see them reconstituted in two and a half years anyway”, underlines Michel Yahiel.

The Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, is not closed to the idea of ​​postponing the deadline of December 31. “I asked the services to study the possibility of a new postponement”, she confides to The cross, announcing a new communication campaign to alert employees to the importance of switching their rights, the one initially planned having been postponed because of the health crisis. “But we are going to mobilize companies more so that they make employees aware of the subject, especially the minister. It is also in the interest of employers, who can top up their employees’ accounts as part of a training plan. It is in times of crisis that you have to train yourself and strengthen your employability. “


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