Towards a strong increase in the social security ceiling

Posted Sep 28, 2022, 11:05 AMUpdated on Sep 28, 2022 at 11:38

The amount taken into account to calculate certain benefits or contributions – pensions and allowances paid in the event of sick leave or maternity leave – will increase significantly in 2023.

Reassessed each year, the Social Security ceiling will thus increase in 2023 by nearly 7% (6.9% exactly), to nearly 44,000 euros annually (43,986 euros), according to the report of the Commission des comptes of the Social Security presented Tuesday in the wake of Monday’s presentation of the draft budget.

Widely used by employers

The ceiling is calculated according to the evolution of the average salary per head of the previous year. It is used to determine the maximum amount of certain social benefits such as invalidity pensions.

It is also widely used by employers to calculate social security contributions or company internship allowances, which must therefore exceed 15% of the Social Security ceiling. This amount is also used to determine the tax and social exemption thresholds for severance pay.

In 2022 and 2021, the ceiling had exceptionally not changed. Technically, it should have fallen in 2021 (by 5.6%), but the 2021 Social Security budget had stipulated that the ceiling could not decline from one year to the next.

This decision was taken in the context of the Covid crisis and the explosion of partial unemployment. This had confused the cards on the evolution of wages and the application of the usual rules for calculating the ceiling could have had “deleterious effects both on the rights of employees and on public finances”, recalls the report of the Commission. accounts. Similarly, the amount of the 2022 ceiling remained fixed at its 2020 level.

This time, the increase will be significant due to the acceleration of the average salary per capita (an increase of 5.5% is expected over 2022, to which will be added a remainder from 2021)

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