Towards an “operation contract” for lay employees of the Church

Currently, according to labor law, salaried lay people on ecclesial mission (Leme) can be recruited, either on an open-ended contract (CDI), or on a fixed-term contract (CDD) if the position meets the conditions of a CDD. and for a maximum period of 18 months.

But a new type of contract may soon be offered to these Leme. Last March, in fact, an agreement described as ” innovative »By Ambroise Laurent, Deputy Secretary General of the French Bishops’ Conference (CEF) in charge of economic, social and legal issues, was signed by the CEF with the social partners.

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This “Agreement on the framework for the employment of lay people on mission” recognizes that the Leme have a defined mission for a defined period. ” This is a CDI for the duration of an objectified operation, with criteria for assessing these objectives., explains Ambroise Laurent. Once the objectives have been fulfilled, the mission ends and it is not disputable. “

Remuneration increase

The layman hired within the framework of such a “permanent contract of operation” benefits from an increase in remuneration, an increase in the severance pay, as well as reinforced monitoring throughout his operation thanks to a commission set up each year. Concluded for the duration of the operation, this contract aims to secure the employee and the employer. It will come into force after signature of the extension order by the Ministry of Labor, ” in December or January », Hopes Ambroise Laurent.

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Tomorrow, Leme could therefore be hired, either on CDI, or on CDD of 24 months (duration more adjusted than 18 months when it comes to preparing a diocesan synod or WYD), or in CDI operation.


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