Turkey “captures” opponent abroad and repatriates him

Selahaddin Gülen was forcibly repatriated to Turkey by agents of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), after being arrested in a foreign country. His uncle, Fethullah Gülen, is none other than the bête noire of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused of having ordered the attempted coup against the Turkish president in July 2016.

Selahaddin Gülen’s wife announced that her husband, who taught at a Kenyan school, would have been “Captured” in Kenya. In a video posted on social media on May 20, she said she had not heard from him since May 3.

Previously close to the Turkish president, Fethullah Gülen is now described by the latter as ” terrorist leader “. His nephew himself was suspected of belonging to the“Terrorist organization” Fetö, an acronym that Ankara uses to denote the Gulenist movement. He was the subject of an arrest warrant. In a ruling on May 6, a Kenyan court banned his arrest and extradition to Turkey.

This arrest outside Turkey by MIT “Is far from being an isolated case” says a European expert from the country, however. Since 2016, Ankara has been leading “Active campaigns in Africa and the Balkans to close Gulenist schools, and hunt down members of the organization”, continues the researcher.

In 2018, the kidnapping in Kosovo by MIT agents of six Turkish nationals accused of links to Fethullah Gülen sparked a political crisis in the country. “The novelty here is that it is a close friend of Gülen, and that this occurs in a busy context after the arrest of the Belarusian dissident last week, explains Jean Marcou, teacher-researcher at Sciences Po Grenoble. This poses a real international security problem for political opponents who have taken refuge abroad.


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