TV’s ‘Indradev’ Satish Kaul did not have money to buy medicine, will make Muflisi’s story in the last days of his life

Satish Kaul, a well-known name in the TV world, has passed away on 10 April (Satish Kaul Passed Away). He was found infected with the corona virus in the past and had been ill for a long time. Satish Kaul has been struggling with financial crisis for a long time. They did not even have the money to buy the medicine. In this way, the last days of his life were spent in Muflissi.

Satish Kaul was popular in every household

Satish Kaul, who played Indradev in TV’s famous mythological show ‘Mahabharata’, was quite popular in the house. Satish Kaul, who is suffering from financial constraints, had a lot of difficulty in the lockdown and had sought help from friends of the industry to buy medicines and essential items.

Satish Kaul was in a rented house

There were reports about Satish Kaul that he is living in an old age home but he himself told that he is living in a rented house in Ludhiana. Satish Kaul had told, ‘I am in a rented house in Ludhiana. I was earlier living in an old age home, but now I am here and with nurse Satya Devi. My health is also fine. But the money is tight.

Hardly had to buy the necessary goods

Satish Kaul had told, ‘I am not able to buy medicines. There is no ration. I am unable to buy anything else. I appeal to the friends of the industry to help me. I still have an acting fire. I want to give me a job so that I can add money for myself and buy a house and live peacefully. ‘

Work done in more than 300 films


Satish Kaul, who has done more than 300 films in Punjabi and Hindi, moved from Mumbai to Punjab in the year 2011 itself. However, his project in Punjab was unsuccessful. In 2015, his ax was fractured. He has been in the hospital for about two and a half years.

Friend Preeti Sapru helped

Preeti Sapru, a friend of Satish Kaul, told that she had gone to Ludhiana to meet him. Then Preeti Sapru also had fund raising to help her friend. A letter was written to the Punjab government, after which Satish Kaul was given a grant of Rs 5 lakh from the government. Preeti told that the path of Satish Kaul and his wives had been separated long ago. It is not that when the bad days of the actor came, their relationship was broken.


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