Two-wheelers will no longer be allowed to circulate between lines of cars from February 1

The end of a skip-the-line practice for motorcycles. The circulation of motorized two-wheelers between two lines of cars, which had been experienced since 2016 in 11 departments, including Ile-de-France, will be prohibited from February 1, the delegation to Road Safety announced on Wednesday January 27. .

This experiment, which took place on certain roads in Ile-de-France, Bouches-du-Rhône, Gironde and Rhône, ended on January 31. “The objective of this experiment was to reduce the accidentality of motorized two-wheelers by supervising the practice of inter-lane traffic”, widespread, underlines the interministerial delegate for road safety, Marie Gautier-Melleray. But the accident toll is “disappointing”.

A report “shows that the accident rate of motorized two-wheelers increased by 12% on the roads where the experimentation of inter-lane traffic took place while it fell by 10% on the other roads of the departments concerned”, according to a press release from the Road Safety delegation. The conclusions of this report “do not make it possible today to integrate inter-file traffic into the highway code”.

The delegate asks “a new experiment, with adapted rules, in order to perpetuate this practice in complete safety”. This second experiment, which requires a new decree, could in particular integrate “the enlargement of the geographical areas concerned, an adapted and continuous communication to perfect the pedagogy of all the road users on the subject”.

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