UFO: French scientists take stock

INFOGRAPHICS – By publishing a study after eight years of research, the French experts of the Sigma2 commission provide a scientific perspective on unexplained cases observed around the world.

Coming from the French Aeronautical and Astronautical Association, one of the rare national learned societies, the Sigma2 commission has just published a report on UFOs (or PAN for Unidentified aerospace phenomena). Since 2013, she has been working on unexplained air cases by requesting the analysis of experts, engineers, air defense specialists, former CNES, DGA, Onera, ESA, including the astronaut. Jean-François Clervoy.

The study is published a few days before the eagerly awaited one by American intelligence, which is due to be submitted to Congress on June 29, 2021. In the United States, in recent years, we have been witnessing a major shift in communication on these phenomena. Several PAN videos filmed by US Navy pilots have been authenticated and shared by military authorities. This is what drove the New Yorker last April with the headline: “The Pentagon takes UFOs seriously”.

Sigma2 takes stock of the situation. Having spent eight years digging into French and foreign databases, which list cases over decades, his research confirms that the observations of unidentified aerospace phenomena are certainly exceptional but widespread. The Russian, British and even Chinese authorities are seeing the same thing, their recurring presence in their airspace. Reports from the British Ministry of Defense confirm the existence of PANs as well as their astonishing movements: hovering, instantaneous acceleration, apparent absence of inertia. It is also this kind of movement that we can see on the videos unveiled by the Pentagon. The study of Russian work reveals the very numerous observations of the Soviet Navy between 1977 and 1980 of flying or aquatic objects. They also mention cases of collecting materials with particular properties. Sigma2 confirms that China is interested in the subject through CIA reports or holding symposia. Having made a similar observation of regular incursions, the Chinese have also set up their own group of experts.

After reviewing this vast body of evidence, the commission specifies that no proof has ever been given of a technology of extraterrestrial origin, that is to say capable of confirming the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (HET) . But she recognizes that the safety of the airspace is well questioned by these unexplained incursions.

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In an attempt to characterize UAPs, she identifies the natural phenomena that could be at their origin, such as ball lightning, plasmas, meteors, atmospheric re-entries of artificial objects… She makes an inventory of standard physical theories, possibilities exotic propulsions. But she notes that the observed phenomena do not respect the known laws of physics. That no theory can shed light on the movements observed. How to explain the high speeds, the brutal accelerations instantly propelling an object to Mach 10, the changes of trajectory at right angles, the cusps, the dives in water …

It is by improving data collection, by sharing more information, as American officials seem to have decided, that progress can be envisaged. Because the quality of observations is a necessary prerequisite for solving the challenges launched by the NAPs. It is because they had sufficient radar and infrared readings that the Sigma2 group of experts was able in 2017 to solve the “cougar” mystery. Their analyzes were able to show that the observation of a PAN by the crew of a Chilean helicopter was none other than an Airbus A340 of the Spanish company Iberia.


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