Ukraine, burden of proof

Monday, April 11, we learned that a team from the National Gendarmerie Criminal Research Institute had just arrived in Ukraine. These experts, ballisticians, identification and explosives specialists, are responsible for identifying the victims, determining the causes of their death and, thereby, gathering evidence against possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine. “France is the first to provide such aid,” welcomed his ambassador in kyiv.

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It is a completely different path that the American president adopted on Tuesday. At the turn of a speech devoted to inflation, Joe Biden chose to use the word “genocide” employed by the Ukrainian head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky, who welcomed it. Yes “lawyers, at the international level”will decide, “To me, it looks like it”he has already assured.

There is no doubt that American intelligence, which has proven its effectiveness in recent weeks, holds valuable information on the acts of cruelty committed by certain Russian soldiers. Through their photos and the testimonies they have collected, the journalists also participate, day by day, in establishing the truth and pushing back propaganda. “What is affirmed without proof can be denied without proof”, already said Euclid. Nothing would be worse than discrediting the patient and meticulous work of investigators and judges.


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