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Carole Dorlipo

The expression “to live your character” seems made for the Guadeloupean mezzo-soprano Carole Dorlipo.I rediscover my voice late in the day, perhaps a disadvantage but also an asset: this maturity helps me to understand and express both joy and pain, because I have experienced them, overwhelmed them ”, assures the 40-year-old singer with a deep voice. After having resided at the age of 21 in the United States, where she taught French and singing, she moved to Paris to follow a lyric course at the Normal School of Music. “I work there in particular Carmen by Bizet, a role that fascinates me and the first opera that my father took me to see, at the cinema because we don’t have an opera theater in Guadeloupe ”, remembers the artist. During the final of the competition on January 22, his presence, his tone – which is reminiscent of that of the immense Jessye Norman – and his eloquence gave his performance a captivating intensity. “This tune, taken from Porgy and Bess of Gershwin, mourns the death of a loved one. Having lost a big brother myself, I know what it is… ” Clearly.



Auguste Truel (Young talent award)

Born in Haiti, this young man of 16 lives in Aveyron. Spotted by his singing teacher in college, he discovers the lyrical universe, where his charisma is already impressive. The France Télévisions program “Prodiges” gives him the opportunity to perform with an orchestra in the role of Escamillo, the “toreador” lover of Carmen. “I’m not old enough for the role, of course, but I like characters with character! He explains, laughing. Of character, the Mephisto of Faust de Gounod has many, but Auguste Truel interprets the verses of Lump of gold without failing, taking care of the diction, digging diabolical basslines, projecting radiant highs. “I love opera and the first show I saw in Bastille three years ago was a magical moment! It’s crazy these singers without microphone who fill such a large room. “ If he is fully aware of the long road to cover on the steep road of lyrical art, the young artist already has immediate projects: he will sing Mozart’s Figaro in a show at the Aveyron conservatory. He dreams of meeting Roberto Alagna. “I’m a baritone but I also listen to tenors for fun!” “



Edwin Fardini (Overseas Voices Award)

Already engaged in a great career, the Martinican baritone “Would like to be able to sing in overseas territories, where the disparity of cultural facilities is unacceptable.” The competition makes it possible to spotlight great talents who are just waiting to flourish. “ His has already won several awards, but it goes straight to his heart. Passionate about poetry, admirer of Édouard Glissant but also of “Sociology of the relation to the world” according to Hartmut Rosa, Edwin Fardini does not let himself be intoxicated by the glitter of the show. “I feel more drawn to the melody and the lied. Having recently had the chance to work with the American baritone Thomas Hampson, I was able to discuss with him the balance between lyricism and interiority required in the works of Gustav Mahler. “ A composer whom he admires infinitely. Struck by the crisis shaking up the artistic world, Edwin Fardini reflects on the way “To come out on top”. In particular by inventing new collaborations “With the vital forces of jazz, plastic arts, theater …”



Clémence Hausermann (Mention of encouragement for young talent)

In her family – she is the youngest of six children – people sang to express their joy, quite simply. “At home, it was a bit The melody of happiness ! “, says Clémence Hausermann. Her mother notices that the youngest likes to give voice even more than her siblings. “She enrolled me in a children’s choir at the parish. Then for seven years I followed a training course arranged at the Center de musique baroque de Versailles. “There, Clémence discovered sacred baroque music and opera, before returning to Martinique where the advice of a singing teacher opened up new horizons for her. “I love to explore different repertoires, I have so much to learn”, admits this sailor’s daughter who sees music as “A form of travel in the imagination and emotions”. During the final, at the height of her 15 years, she knew how to seduce the audience with the bite of her interpretation, based on a work of detail and conviction. “You have to know what you are singing if you hope to keep the public in suspense”.



Tinalei Mahuta (Self-taught endorsement)

She is only 14 years old but already has taken a surprising step back in her career and what she wants to do with her life. “I love opera, and lyrical singing is the basis of everything, but I feel more drawn to pop”, confides the young Polynesian, who began to sing after years of violin, the instrument played by her older brothers: “They told me don’t touch it and that made me want even more… ”, laughs Tinalei Mahuta. Musical lover (Notre Dame de Paris was love at first sight), rocked by the French song dear to her parents, Tinalei Mahuta made her debut at Papeete Cathedral: “I was 10 years old and a very high-pitched voice at the time. “ Before the Voice of the Overseas competition, she took advantage of the advice “Awesome” teachers including the countertenor Fabrice Di Falco. As a girl of her time, this virtuoso of social networks does not deny for a second her participation in the program “France has an incredible talent”, where she reached the semi-finals. She notably understood the importance of contact with the public, “Which goes through the clothes, the look, the gestures and, above all, the sincerity”.



Axelle Saint-Cirel (Mention of encouragement Voices des overseas)

“Of a joyful nature”, the Guadeloupean mezzo-soprano seeks in music moods and moods that can take her “Very far from (his) personality”. Thus, in the admirable “Cara Sposa”, excerpt from Rinaldo of Handel, she moved the jury of the competition with the noble and poignant sadness “Of a character who has no more attachment on earth than his own misfortune”. Like Edwin Fardini, she tastes the delicate charms of French melody – Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc – in changing colors. “I am still a young voice who must not get lost too early in roles that are too heavy”, lucidly recognizes this student in 2e year at the Paris Conservatory. She plans instead for the moment to concentrate on the sacred oratorio, according to Bach or Handel, whose spiritual intensity makes her vibrate. If she looks forward to the time when she can “To perform in public again”, Axelle Saint-Cirel remains confident, determined: “It’s not a pandemic that will make me lose hope. I will not let go. Singing is really what I want to do with my life! “


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