Unemployment insurance reform: new appeals filed by the unions

The summary hearing will be held Thursday at 3:30 p.m., according to the Council of State. The decision should be made a few days later.

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They intend to fight an “unfair” measure for job seekers. The major trade union centers filed new appeals against the controversial reform of unemployment insurance on Friday, October 8. The summary hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

In June, the unions urgently obtained the suspension of the contested new rules for calculating unemployment benefit, a flagship measure of the reform which was to come into force on July 1. The Council of State then referred to “uncertainties about the economic situation”. Without waiting for the decision of the highest court on the merits, the government issued a new decree, highlighting “the sharp rebound in employment since May” and allowing the entry into force of the reform on 1 October.

The CFDT, the CGT, FO, the CFE-CGC and the CFTC had quickly indicated that they were going to attack the new text.

Fiercely opposed to the reform from the outset, the unions believe that the new method of calculating the daily reference wage (SJR), the basis of the allowance, will penalize job seekers alternating unemployment and activity, “the permittents”.

They are counting on the fact that the first payment of post-reform allowances will not intervene before the beginning of November, thus leaving time for the Council of State to decide. The summary hearing will be held Thursday at 3:30 p.m., depending on the jurisdiction. And the decision should come a few days later.

The substantive decision will take place at a later date which has not yet been determined.

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