Unemployment insurance reform: unions unanimously denounce “unfair” and “ineffective” stigma

Posted Sep 11, 2022 10:28 AM

The Ministers of Labor and Training, Olivier Dussopt and Carole Grandjean, invited the social partners on Monday to present their roadmap. If its content on pensions will be watched like milk on the fire, it will also feature prominently the reform of unemployment benefits, alongside the establishment of France travail.

The prospect of this meeting accelerated things. On Friday, the CFDT, CGT, Force Ouvrière, CFTC, CFE-CGC, Unsa, FSU and Solidaires unions as well as the student and high school student organizations Fage, Unef, FIDL, MNL and Voix lycéenne published a joint press release on the subject. , five days after having stopped the principle in interunion .

Ecological transition

Discussions went quickly. “We are no longer at the time when some were fighting over a word or even a comma”, notes a trade unionist. It must be said that the executive’s project to link compensation for job seekers to the economic situation has everyone in the trade union agreement: “the priority of the social return is not the reduction of unemployment rights! the statement said.

According to the 13 organizations, rather than this “inefficient” and “unfair” project, the executive would do better to work on the “priority issues” of employment and training by integrating the multiple impacts of the ecological transition, believe- they. They evoke the working conditions, of which the summer heat wave showed how much they can be degraded, or even “support for the transformation of trades to meet environmental challenges”.

The publication of the press release the day after the installation of the National Council for Refoundation, in which only a minority of trade unions took part and while on September 29, another minority called for demonstrations, also has a political dimension: it is a message addressed to the government of the ability of employee organizations to build common positions.

The place of the next meeting of the intersyndicale, on October 3, expression of the will of all of a large gathering, is another signal: the 13 organizations will find themselves not at the headquarters of one of the 5 largest confederations but to the UNSA, a trade union organization which is not representative at national level.

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