United Airlines to fly Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from February 11

He is gradually resuming service. United Airlines said Friday, December 18, that it will return the Boeing 737 MAX to its program. This plane, which has been authorized to fly since November after two fatal accidents, will be in service on the lines of the American company from February 11 in the United States, from Denver and Houston.

The company plans to perform “over 1,000 hours of work on each aircraft, including changes required by the FAA [l’autorité américaine de l’aviation] on flight software, additional pilot training, multiple test flights as well as meticulous technical analysis, to ensure planes are ready for take-off. “, said a spokesperson.

United Airlines assures customers will know in advance that they will be flying the 737 MAX and if one of them does not wish to board the aircraft, they can be transferred to another flight or refunded.

This aircraft, which represented more than two-thirds of Boeing’s order book, was grounded around the globe in March 2019 after two close-quarters accidents that killed 346.

Brazilian company Gol became the first in the world to return the Boeing 737 MAX to service on a smooth commercial flight between Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre in early December. In the United States, American Airlines will be the first company to fly the plane again, starting December 29.

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