United States: a snowstorm hits Washington and its region

A winter storm sweeps through much of the US East Coast, with high winds accompanied by heavy snowfall.

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Dome of the snow-capped Capitol, White House under a white blanket of snowflakes, skiing in the streets. After a holiday season marked by particularly mild temperatures, a snowstorm swept through Washington and its region on Monday, January 3. It leads to the closure of federal services and schools, the stopping of buses, and accentuates the disruption of air traffic.

At least 18cm of snow has fallen in the U.S. capital and it could go up to 25cm, weather services have warned, placing the city and neighboring state of Virginia on a winter storm alert until 4 p.m. ( 10 p.m. French time).

This winter storm sweeps a good part of the American east coast, with strong winds accompanied by heavy snowfall, could cause potentials “snow storms” and “floods”, specified the meteorological services of the country.

At least 440,000 homes were without power in Virginia and 76,000 in neighboring Maryland, with trees falling on power lines under the weight of snow.

The government announced Monday morning the shutdown of federal services in the city of Washington, resulting in the cancellation of the daily White House press conference, while the only vote of the day scheduled in the Senate was canceled and postponed until Tuesday. .

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