United States: Colin Powell represented “the highest ideals of diplomacy and the army”, hails Joe Biden

The American President has paid tribute, Monday, October 18, to his “dear friend”.

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“A patriot of unparalleled honor and dignity”, “a dear friend”. Joe Biden paid tribute, Monday, October 18, to Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state and chief of staff of the armed forces who died at the age of 84. He represented “the highest ideals of diplomacy and the military”, greeted the president.

Colin Powell, who died of complications from Covid-19, had “repeatedly puts the country before itself, before the party, before everything else” and “it had earned him the respect of the American people.” He had in fact distanced himself from the Republican Party from 2008, supporting the candidacies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, then Joe Biden, who told him in “to be eternally grateful”.

“Having broken racial barriers many times, paving the way for others”, he had invested himself throughout his life for the “next generation of leaders”, also asserted Joe Biden. Colin Powell was the first African American and the youngest man to serve as Chief of Staff of the Armies from 1989 to 1993, before becoming the first black secretary of state under George’s Republican presidency. W. Bush.

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