United States: Donald Trump refuses to testify in the context of his impeachment procedure in the Senate

It will be without him. Donald Trump will not testify in his Senate trial, one of his advisers announced Thursday, February 4. The former president declined an invitation formulated by the elected Democrat who leads the prosecution in this case. It “will not testify in unconstitutional proceedings”, explained this advisor.

The Republican billionaire will be tried from Tuesday for “incitement to insurrection” as part of the impeachment procedure which, according to his defense, can only apply to a sitting president.

Democrat Jamie Raskin, who will play the role of prosecutor during the hearings, had invited him to “testify under oath before or during the trial about his conduct on January 6”, the day his supporters attacked the Capitol. The former Republican president is accused of having encouraged his supporters to launch an assault on the building.

“We suggest that your testimony, which will of course include cross-examination, take place between Monday 8 February and Thursday 11 February”, had written to him the elected representative of the House of Representatives. “If you decline this invitation, we reserve all rights, including the right to argue at trial that your refusal to testify weighs heavily against you”, added Jamie Raskin.

Lawyers for the former president immediately denounced a “communication blow” in a procedure according to them “unconstitutional”. “This confirms what everyone knows: you cannot prove your accusations against the 45th President of the United States, who has become a private citizen again.”, they replied in a letter posted by several media.

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