United States: hundreds of indictments for pro-Trump attackers on Capitol Hill

The judicial authorities have already identified 170 suspects of the violence on the Capitol and are anticipating “Hundreds” charges over the coming months, some of which “Sedition”a senior justice ministry official said on Tuesday (January 12th).

Justice has so far held back “The simplest charges to act as quickly as possible”, like those of“Illegal intrusion” or from “Unauthorized carrying of arms”Washington Federal Attorney Michael Sherwin said.

But the prosecutions may be requalified later and “We are considering retaining major crimes like sedition and conspiracy” for the most serious acts, he added at a press conference.

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A cell made up of prosecutors experienced in national security and corruption cases has been formed to prepare such prosecutions, which carry sentences of up to 20 years in prison, he said.

Identify participants thanks to the many photos and videos

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters invaded the seat of Congress in Washington on January 6, causing chaos and violence as parliamentarians certified Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory. The federal police immediately mobilized teams to identify the participants in this assault thanks to the many photos and videos posted on social networks.

Seventy people have already been charged, including some figures in the movement such as Jake Angeli, known for his buffalo headdress, or Richard Barnett, who set foot on the office of Democratic leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi.

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Homemade bombs had also been discovered near the Capitol, near the offices of the Democratic and Republican parties. “They were real, with real detonators and a retarder”, stressed Michael Sherwin. The investigation must determine if it was a diversion to occupy the Capitol police at the time of the assault or a project “More evil”.


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