United States: Joe Biden bids farewell to Delaware before leaving for the White House

A final speech. US President-elect Joe Biden bade farewell to Delaware on Tuesday, January 19, during an emotionally charged ceremony, during which he returned to his journey, which led him to the White House. Joe Biden thanked his friends and family, who had gathered one last time before he took office. “When I die, ‘Delaware’ will be engraved in my heart”, he said, on the verge of tears.

“I know those days are dark, but there is always light. That’s what this state taught me.”, he added.

Joe Biden was a Delaware senator for over thirty years and ran for president twice before being elected president on his third attempt. “Don’t tell me things can’t change. They can and they do”, said Joe Biden. “I am extremely proud to become your president, and your commander in chief.”

After the ceremony, Joe Biden flew to Washington where he made an appearance at the Lincoln Memorial to participate in a commemoration for the 400,000 victims of Covid-19. “In order to heal we have to remember. It is difficult sometimes to remember but this is how we heal.”, did he declare. “This is why we are here today”, he added in front of 400 lights shining in homage to the victims, around the large basin of the vast esplanade of the “National Mall”.

Joe Biden will spend the night at Blair House, the official residence of the President’s guests, before taking the oath at noon (6 p.m. KST) on Wednesday and moving into the White House.

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