United States: mocked by Internet users, Donald Trump attacks Twitter

The relationship between the American president and the social network of which he is a fervent user is not simple. Friday, November 27, Donald Trump even worried about a “threat to national security”, after a mocking hashtag rose to the top of the platform’s most talked about topics, called “trends,” in several countries around the world, starting with the United States.

“Twitter has ‘trends’ that have absolutely nothing to do with what’s really hot in the world. They make them up, and they’re always negative,” the president tweeted, asking that “section 230 be immediately dropped”. This “section 230” refers to an excerpt from a law dating from 1996 according to which websites cannot be prosecuted for content posted by users, summarizes The Independent (in English).

While the president did not explicitly name the “trend” behind his anger, these accusations coincide with the explosion of the hashtag #DiaperDon, a mocking term drawing a parallel between the American president and a baby (and that we could translate by #DonaldEnCouche).

It all started on Thursday, when the President of the United States, who continues to attribute the victory of his opponent Joe Biden to “massive fraud” during the election, attacked a journalist from Reuters who asked him if he ultimately intended to admit defeat. “I forbid you to speak to me in that tone. You are just a jerk. Never speak to the president in this tone. I am the President of the United States. Never talk to the president like this “replied Donald Trump, seated behind a small wooden desk in the middle of the room.

It did not take more for Internet users to compare the president’s stroke of blood to the crisis of a young child. By mid-afternoon Friday, #DiaperDon was in fifth place for the most discussed topics on Twitter in the United States, harboring many jokes and other diversions. In third place was another hashtag referring to the President’s anger, #TrumpTantrum.

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