United States: policeman kills man in wheelchair with his back to him

THE’ individual in a wheelchair had just stolen a toolbox from a Walmart supermarket.

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A policeman in Tucson, Arizona (United States), shot a sexagenarian nine times on Monday, November 29. The latter was suspected of theft in a store, he was circulating in a motorized wheelchair. He refused to stop and turned his back to her. Chris Magnus, the Tucson police chief, who broadcast videos of the drama, claimed to have initiated dismissal proceedings against the police officer, Ryan Remington.

He was not on duty at the time of the incident, but was acting as a security guard in the supermarket where the alleged theft took place. The chef said to himself “deeply disturbed” by the actions of his subordinate. “His lethal use of force during this incident is a clear violation of the rules of our service.”, he said at a press conference on Tuesday. The county prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, he said.

Officer Ryan Remington was warned by an employee that an individual in a wheelchair had just stolen a toolbox from the Walmart supermarket. The employee said he asked for proof of purchase from Richard Lee Richards, 61, but he said he pulled out a knife and threw him “Here is your receipt”, before heading for the exit. Ryan Remington repeatedly asked Richard Lee Richards to stop and throw his knife, but the latter ignored him, exiting the supermarket and crossing the parking lot to a DIY store on the other side .

According to Chief Magnus, Ryan Remington, joined in the meantime by another police officer called on the scene, ordered the alleged thief not to enter this store. “When Mr. Richards did not stop Constable Remington fired nine bullets, hitting him in the back and in the side.”, added his superior. According to the police officer’s lawyer, Michael Storie, his client tried to calm the situation, but the victim’s attitude failed him. “no other choice left” than to use his weapon, he told the New York Times (in English).

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