United States: Senate judges Trump trial to be constitutional

In total, 56 senators against 44 estimated that it could continue, during a vote Tuesday at the end of a first day of hearing.

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They said “Yes”. A majority of senators estimated that Donald Trump’s trial was constitutional and could continue, in a vote on Tuesday, February 9, after a first day of hearing. A total of 56 senators against 44 voted to continue the trial of the former president as part of the impeachment process, even though he has left the White House and is no longer a private citizen.

The US Senate opens second impeachment trial for Donald Trump accused of “incitement to insurgency” in the murderous assault on the Capitol. This is the first time that a former US president is tried in dismissal. And on January 13, the real estate mogul had already become the first president to be twice hit with an “impeachment” in the House of Representatives, this time for “incitement to insurgency”.

“This lawsuit will open new, deep wounds in the nation as many Americans see it for what it is: an attempt by a group of politicians to remove Donald Trump from politics and disenfranchise 74 million. voters “, one of his lawyers pleaded. The prosecution case is based on “concrete and solid facts”, had declared earlier the elected and democratic prosecutor Jamie Raskin, by broadcasting from the opening of the trial of the former president in front of the Senate a video montage of charge.

Now living in Florida, the billionaire will not go to trial. And there is little doubt that he will, at his term, be acquitted, as the first time a year earlier. The Constitution requires a two-thirds majority for a guilty verdict. Even though Republican senators have sharply criticized the role of the 45th US president in the violence, it seems unlikely that 17 of them will join their voices to the 50 Democrats in condemning the billionaire.

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