United States: Tesla recalls nearly 54,000 vehicles likely to not stop at stop signs

The manufacturer specifies that it is not aware of any accident, injury or death caused by the use of its “rolling stop” functionality. Who allows vehicles to continue past a sign stop in certain situations.

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The electric car manufacturer Tesla announced on Tuesday, February 1, the recall in the United States of nearly 54,000 vehicles equipped with the FSD Beta driving assistance system. These cars can continue driving automatically after passing a stop sign, instead of coming to a complete stop. The models concerned are Model 3 built between 2017 and 2022, Model S (2016-2022), Model X (2016-2022) and Model Y (2020-2022).

Integrated since October 2020 into the FSD Beta driver assistance system, the functionality “rolling stop” allows the vehicle to continue its course after a stop sign if it is moving less than 9 km/h, if no other vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian has been detected at the intersection, if the speed of other roads in the intersection is limited to 50 km/h and if visibility is sufficient. But after two meetings with the US Highway Safety Agency, Tesla finally decided to deactivate this program, acknowledging that it was likely “to increase the risk of collision”. The manufacturer states that it has no knowledge of any accident, injury or death caused by the use of this feature.

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