United States: unarmed black man killed by police officer in Ohio

A white policeman killed a black man who was unarmed on the night of Monday, December 21 to Tuesday, December 22 in Columbus, Ohio (United States). Andre Maurice Hill, 47, was in the garage of a house on the night of Monday to Tuesday when he was hit by several bullets by the police officer, called on the spot for a minor incident.

The officer’s pedestrian camera footage shows Andre Hill walking towards the officer holding a cell phone in his left hand, his other hand remaining invisible. Seconds later, the agent fires and Hill collapses. No sound comes to explain the circumstances of the shots.

Police officer Adam Coy has been suspended. He and his colleague waited several minutes to approach the victim after firing. Andre Hill was still alive, but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

This is the second time in three weeks that a black inhabitant of Columbus has been killed by the police. On December 4, 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr. was shot several times on December 4 as he returned home from buying sandwiches.

“Again officers see black man and conclude he is a dangerous criminal”, was indignant Wednesday lawyer Ben Crump, who defends several families of victims including that of George Floyd. According to him, Andre Hill is the 96th black victim of a police officer since the death of George Floyd in May.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said “scandalized” by the death of Andre Hill. he “was known to the residents of the house in front of which he had parked his car and he was a guest, not a burglar”, he said Wednesday at a press conference.

The chosen one said even more “disturbed” by the fact that the two police officers present did not give first aid to Andre Hill. He asked “immediate dismissal” from Agent Coy.

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