Unity of Christians. Conduct a poll or survey of Catholics and other faiths to find out what it is for them

At this time of year, Christians of all faiths are invited to pray for Christian unity. The question that arises is, for which unit do we pray? For the basic Catholic, does he pray that other denominations come back into the fold of the Catholic Church, does he pray for the search for unanimity, uniformity or for unity in diversity? , for the mutual recognition of differences between denominations, etc. ?

Today we speak more readily of ecumenism. It is, in principle, a movement of dialogue and rapprochement between the various Christian Churches with a view to the unity of Christians to form a single Church. But the word is also used to characterize initiatives of rapprochement, of collaboration between churches. Example: RCF wants to be an ecumenical radio station. It would be interesting to carry out a poll or a survey of Catholics and perhaps of other faiths to find out what the unity of Christians means to them.

Pierre Mayor


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