Unpaid alimony: “He feels not indebted”, testifies a woman about her ex-husband who owes her 36,000 euros

Laurence has made her calculations and her ex-husband owes her 36,000 euros in alimony. This corresponds to ten years of unpaid bills, at the rate of 300 euros per month for their two daughters, now aged 18 and 22. To date, even when they have the means, a quarter of separated parents do not pay any support to their ex-spouse. In the majority of cases, it is mothers who are confronted with it.

From Tuesday, March 1, financial intermediation is generalized to avoid unpaid alimony. In other words, it is possible to withdraw the money directly from the account of the parent who must pay it. Two bodies deal with this collection, the National Family Allowance Fund and the Mutualité sociale agricole.

Laurence’s ex-spouse had to pay “two or three months pension”according to the mother. “That’s all he did. Afterwards, he went abroad, so he returned to his country.” She explains that he first went to Dubai for a few years, then and now lives in India, very far from his old family life. “I have the impression that he feels not beholden to that. He made that clear to me.”

The occupational therapist says she has a decent salary, but she has given up on some expenses, some hobbies. “Before, we took the plane to go on vacation, but we don’t do it anymore”, she slips. The family supplement paid by the CAF to compensate for this loss is not enough. “Paying for my big girl’s studies, making sure she can pay her rent, paying for the activities of the second. All this is complicated, says Laurence, It is rather in recent years that I realize that I am missing 300 euros there.

Laurence has taken steps with the Family Allowance Fund to find the trace of her ex-spouse. In vain. Today, she has given up on claiming this money. “So as not to hurt me psychologically and not always be in frustration and anger”, she comments. She counts on the help of her mother and her sister.

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