Urinary tract infections: what you absolutely need to know to better get rid of them

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Risk of spreading to the kidneys, diagnosis, vaccine, cranberry… Le Figaro answers ten common questions about cystitis with the support of two specialists.

Difficulty urinating, burning, pressing and frequent cravings, feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, fever… Urinary tract infections (or cystitis) are a very frequent reason for consultation in a general practice. This pathology results from the colonization of the urethra and the bladder by bacteria of intestinal origin. It happens that these bacteria – generally from the family of Escherichia coli -, present at the level of the vulva and the anal margin, go up through the urinary meatus along the urethra. With two specialists, Le Figaro looked at ten questions that often arise about this bothersome infection.

1. Can poorly treated or untreated cystitis lead to kidney infection (pyelonephritis)?

This is a very strong fear among people suffering from a urinary tract infection, and yet it is not so. “Cystitis, even recurrent, is almost never complicated by kidney infection“says Professor Franck Bruyère, head of the urology department at the University Hospital of Tours. In theory, however, this is not impossible, since…

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