US Elections 2020: Why did Paneer Tikka become the top trend on social media between the presidential elections?

Indians are everywhere and Paneer Tikka too! Paneer tikka suddenly came into the limelight on social media during the US presidential election. When social media users saw the Indian dish becoming trendy on Twitter, they were surprised. They could not understand why suddenly delicious dishes became the place in the top trend?

Why Indian dish is in trend during presidential election?

To clear your curiosity and curiosity, tell that it started with just one tweet. Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal uploaded a picture making a paneer dish the night before the presidential election. He prepared the dish in honor of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Pramila Jaipal also shared the famous North Indian food recipe on the demand of the people and told that you can either eat tikka yourself or you can add spices.

Flood commented on social media

There was a mixed response to the version of Dish on social media. Some social media users commented that the dish made by Jaipal shared in the picture is not paneer tikka. Other people, while sharing photos of different dishes, knowingly mispronounced his name.

A social media user wrote that he has come to know. Pramila had ordered Malai Paneer from a restaurant and named it Paneer Tikka. He did not make delicious dishes by himself. Therefore, they do not know which dish is which?

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