US presidential election: fewer insults, more proposals … What to remember from the last debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The President of the United States and the Democratic candidate clashed Friday in Nashville, during a final debate with a rather constructive tone. He should not change the electoral dynamics profoundly with less than two weeks of the poll.

It was the last time they faced each other, before the November 3 election. Donald Trump and Joe Biden delivered their final presidential debate, Friday, October 23 (French time), in Nashville (Tennessee). An hour and a half of “ping-pong” during which the two candidates at the White House have once again spoken a lot about the coronavirus crisis and suspicions of corruption targeting both. Nevertheless, neither of the two men seemed in real trouble.

Side atmosphere, nothing to do with the cacophony of the first round, at the end of September, when the two men had not stopped interrupting each other. This time, the discussions led by NBC reporter Kristen Welker were much more audible. The mike technique cut between everyone’s speaking times has borne fruit. Here are the sequences to remember in video.

Joe Biden urges Americans to wear masks

The debate began a few seconds ago when Joe Biden takes a black mask out of his pocket, and holds it up, speaking directly to viewers. “Wear these masks”, insists the former vice-president, recalling that the coronavirus epidemic has already killed “220,000 Americans”, that she causes “1,000 deaths per day”, and that the health services identify “more than 70,000 new cases” daily.

Without ever taking his eyes off the camera, the Democratic candidate tackles his opponent by calmly explaining that a president “responsible” of so many dead can not stay in power.

Donald Trump wants to “reopen the country” despite the coronavirus

Donald Trump intends to revive the economy at all costs. While the pandemic remains active in the United States, the president elected in 2016 proposes to “reopen the country” and strongly criticizes the Democratic governors who have imposed confinement in their state. “We cannot leave our country closed indefinitely, explains the Republican candidate. There are people who lose their jobs, who commit suicide. There is depression, alcoholism “.

“The drug must not be worse than the disease”, concludes the American president before targeting his opponent: “He wants to close the country, he wants to confine it”.

Joe Biden says he never “took a penny from a foreign source”

For several weeks, the Republican president has not stopped denouncing the affairs of the son of his opponent, Hunter Biden, in Ukraine and China, when his father was vice-president of Barack Obama (from 2009 to 2017).

Invited Friday by Donald Trump to “to explain” , the Democratic candidate for the White House claims to have “never [s]life took a penny from a foreign source “.

Visibly annoyed, Joe Biden lashes out at Donald Trump on the same subject, claiming that the president has “paid fifteen times taxes in China”, that he has “a secret account in China”, and there “conducts business”.

Donald Trump claims to have prepaid “tens of millions of dollars” in taxes

Not surprisingly, the controversy over the taxes paid by Donald Trump in recent years is also discussed. Joe Biden lights the fuse by reminding that this “made four years” that the outgoing president “said” that he will make his tax returns public. “What are you hiding?”, he asks, turning to him.

The interested party promises to do so “as soon as the audit is finished”, “and you will see how well my businesses are doing “. In defense, Donald Trump also cites recent exchanges with his accountants who assured him that he had “prepaid in recent years tens of millions of dollars” in taxes.

White House tenant taxes have rocked the countryside since the New York Times. On September 27, the US newspaper revealed that the US president had only paid $ 750 in federal taxes in 2016, the year he was elected, as well as in 2017.

Joe Biden wants health coverage “not to be a privilege” in US

It is one of the hot topics of the campaign: American health coverage. While Donald Trump regularly boasts of having repealed the law nicknamed “Obamacare”, Joe Biden wants to expand this system. “Everyone must have the right to affordable health care (…) this will save lives”, says the man who will turn 78 on November 20.

Joe Biden also calls viewers to witness: “How many of you in your house are concerned about what will happen if you get sick?”

Donald Trump believes that “no one has done more for black communities” than him

Asked to speak out on the discrimination that undermines the country, Donald Trump replies that “no one did more for black communities” than himself. Apart “maybe Abraham Lincoln”, who abolished slavery in the United States in 1865. “Criminal justice has been reformed. Obama and Joe have not reformed”, says the Republican, who repeatedly praises the advances in favor of the black community during his mandate. According to him, Joe Biden who “has been in government for 47 years [en tant que sénateur, puis vice-président] never did anything “.

During this sequence, Donald Trump also explains that he is from elsewhere “the least racist man in the world “,” the least racist person in the room “.

Joe Biden warns of ‘existential threat’ of climate change

This is surely the subject that divides the two candidates the most: climate change. Their divisions are clearly visible during the debate. On the one hand, Donald Trump is demanding “clean air” and “pure water” not to mention the climate. On the other hand, Joe Biden claims that “Climate change is an existential threat to humanity.”

“We have a moral obligation to do something”, launches the Democratic candidate, wanting to bet on science to oppose the current president, who in particular withdrew the United States from the Paris agreement. “All the great scientists tell us that we are running out of time. “

Donald Trump ran “because of Biden and Obama”

The moderator is about to conclude when Donald Trump turns to Joe Biden for the last time. “You keep talking about everything you’re going to do. But you were in power not so long ago, and you haven’t done anything,” he attacks. Before repeating three times: “I ran because of you, because of Obama. If you had done a really good job I would never have introduced myself.

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