Use eyebrow pencil in this way, the look will be different

Some women’s eyebrows are very thin or there is less hair in the middle of the eyebrows. Those women can make their eyebrows attractive with the help of pencil. By the way, pencil can be used to shape any type of eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil is a small tool, but it can be used to change the look of the whole face. In such a situation, here we will tell you how you can use eyebrow pencil.

How to use an eyebrow pencil?

  • Always wash your face before making eyebrows.
  • Brush your eyebrows upwards with the help of a small brush.
  • Brow your eyebrows with a pencil. Fill the empty space visible in the

How to shape eyebrows?

Take help of fork –If you have a chop or fork at home, then you can make eyebrows with the help of that too. You fork  By keeping it according to the shape of the eyebrow, you can draw lines with the help of a pencil from the gap of the fork. Then fill it.

Make an arch Help –You have to make the letter E lying on the space between the eyebrows and extend it downwards. Now draw a strange straight line from one eye to the other. This line should touch the extended line of the letter. Now by making a vertical line on both the eyebrows, the eyebrows have vomited the most. Now follow this line and give shape with the help of pencil.

Shape the eyebrows by making dot –The option of dot can also be good for you. In this, with the help of a pencil, make a dot from the outer corner of the nose. Then make the first dot just above the starting point of the eyebrow in 90 degrees of that dot. From the outer corner of the nose, you have to make the second and third dot above the eyebrow at 60 degree and 40 degree angle. The fourth dot will be made at the end of the eyebrow and now following that, shape the eyebrow, this will make your eyebrows very nice.


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