Use onion to beat heat, take advantage in this way

Summer Food: Include such food in the summer season that can keep you cool in the natural way. The scorching heat can harm your overall health. Hydration and healthy eating can help to beat heat in a natural way. Some fruits and vegetables have properties that protect the body from heat. Onion is also a favorite vegetable among them.

The vegetable is eaten raw or cooked or as a salad. Onion is a good way to get iron, anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamin C and B are also present in it, including folate. To keep yourself cool during summer, onion must be consumed in your diet.

Cool effect on your body
Onion is very popular to reduce the heat of summer. It has the specialty of providing coolness to the body. Eating onion helps in normalizing the body temperature. You can add lemon juice and chaat masala to enhance the taste when used in salads. By eating onion, the body will also get plenty of vitamin C.

Beneficial for diabetes patients
Diabetes patients should also include onion in their diet. Onion’s glycemic index is less than 10. This condition is considered good for the patients of diabetes. It contains very less carbohydrates and more fiber. All these qualities together make onions a wonderful vegetable for diabetes patients.

Intended in the health of the bowels, heart
The good amount of fiber and prebiotics present in the onion also make it suitable for intestinal health. Our digestive system also works better with the help of onions. With its use, cholesterol levels are under control, which promotes heart health.

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