Usine du Sud: blockages, reactions … The situation this Thursday, December 10 (live) – New Caledonia the 1st

While Mont-Dore continues to be particularly affected by movements linked to the South factory, theMondorien Citizen association had a new meeting at 11 o’clock at the Coulée roundabout. Many residents of this portion of the city still responded.

Of them counter-dams substantial, developed by inhabitants of the South Mont-Dore, are currently in place: one at the level of the Houriez housing estate, near the old Coulée farm, after the Rocheliane bend, at the North exit of Saint-Louis. RP1 is cut in both directions at this point. Further along the Coulée river, several obstacles block the roadway, forcing motorists to slalom. The other reaction point is maintained at the entrance to the road leading to Yaté, towards Mouirange.

The Coulée bridge, still closed by the police during the night, was reopened. Closed doors, on the other hand, for the shopping center. And below, at the Coulée roundabout, where counter-demonstrators are posted, access to the South is slowed down.

A few hundred meters further, at the level of the subdivision of Bélep Gardens, residents continue to mobilize at the call of the collective “South factory = country factory”. At the end of the day yesterday, carcasses, trunks, branches, etc. were placed in several places on the road, it would be a question of slowing down the passing vehicles.

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