Vaccination against Covid-19: Christiane Taubira denounces an “obscene” controversy over her choice not to incite the Guyanese



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On France 5, the former minister called for “mediation” in Guyana to reconcile the public authorities and those reluctant to vaccination.

“There is a real obscenity in seeking quarrels around this.” The former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira reacted, Wednesday, September 29, on France 5, to the controversy born of his choice not to call for vaccination in Guyana. This refusal had notably earned him, at the start of the day, an accusation of “cowardice” from the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. “This is the first time that I have been glued to such a vice”, replied the interested party, calling for “stop creating a diversion” to focus on resolving the Covid-19 crisis in Guyana.

According to her, “the question is not to call a population largely reluctant to vaccination, but to put an end to the trench warfare on the territory [guyanais]”, which opposes the senior civil service, “which varies in its instructions”, and the protesters, “who have lost all sense of measure”. “I don’t want to take sides in the trench warfare, (…) I have grievances against both”, specifies the former minister of François Hollande, who calls for a “mediation”.

Christiane Taubira recalls that she went to be vaccinated “without [s’en] to hide”. “If there is a prescriptive gesture, this one seems to me the maximum insofar as I apply to myself what I consider good to do”, she argues.

“It would be easy to say one sentence, ‘Go get the vaccine’. What next?”

Christiane Taubira

on the set of “C tonight”

“There would be, anywhere on French territory, the same health and vaccine parameters and the same blockages, we would have looked for a specific solution a long time ago”, believes the former minister. Evoking the “under-equipment” in Guyana, she deplores “a dire situation”.

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