Vaccination, for or against? the debate continues

In the question of the day on December 29, “Is the vaccination pass a disproportionate attack on freedoms? », the remarks made by Mathilde Panot are in my eyes scandalous. I hope that at least she doesn’t mean a word of what she writes and that this is just low level political politics. How can she evoke solidarity with those refractory to the vaccine when it is the best weapon against the pandemic? We owe them a large part of the overcrowding in hospitals, the disorganization of society… People are dying because of their inconsistency and their stubbornness, which remains a mystery to me. They endanger the lives of others and sow death without the intention of giving it. I do not feel in any way united with this kind of behavior except against medical indication. (…)

Jean-Marie Rozet

A vaccine has nothing in common with an antibiotic. The latter is a drug. It inhibits the reproduction capacities of microbes. Vaccination is more to be compared with a dietary supplement. It does not protect. It specifically increases the body’s immune defenses. But the latter have not become invincible for all that. It all depends on the general condition of the people and the degree of contamination. As in war, the number of assailants and their armament (harmfulness) must be taken into account. The more we vaccinate, the more the attacks will be numerically reduced. The fact of having caught the disease does not contribute better to preventing recurrences. Sequelae often occur. They weaken the body. When it comes to the coronavirus, it has no life autonomy. It’s a parasite. It needs an animal or human environment to survive. A vaccine does not have the many side effects of drugs except allergic reactions. They are found everywhere including in food, in the environment, etc. (…)

Jean Schuller

I would like to react to the contribution of MP Sacha Houlié in the debate “Is the vaccination pass a disproportionate attack on freedoms? ». I am indignant at the comments of this member when he says: “Pasteur’s homeland, France is the mother of vaccines: to mistrust it is unpatriotic. » This accusation of anti-patriotism reminds me of the term used in the USSR to designate the Second World War: “great patriotic war”. Sacha Houlié affirms that the ” main ” is access to sport, places of culture… But in the USSR, as in all totalitarian regimes, these places were open! The main thing, whatever all these Macronist deputies say who vote without batting an eyelid on government bills, is indeed respect for liberal democracy.



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