Vaccination pass, modalities under debate in Parliament

Faced with the strong epidemic recovery, Parliament must once again debate in record time a bill strengthening the tools for managing the health crisis and amending the public health code. With a flagship measure: the vaccination pass (complete vaccination schedule or certificate of recovery), replacing the health pass (complete vaccination schedule, certificate of recovery or negative test).

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This examination began Wednesday, December 29 with the hearing of Olivier Véran by the law committee of the National Assembly. While, according to his estimate, more than a million French people would be positive for Covid (208,000 positive cases were detected in 24 hours), the Minister of Health defended before the deputies the implementation of the vaccine pass by identifying three categories of unvaccinated: those who are ” away from it all “, not having access to “Keys to reading and understanding” pandemic and vaccines; the “Suspicious” vis-à-vis vaccines, sensitive to conspiracy theses; the “Indifferent”, who think they can continue to “Pass between the drops”. It is to this last category that the transformation of the health pass into a vaccination pass is addressed, envisaged from January 15 next in metropolitan France.

The question of control

The opposition on the right and on the left has come together to demand that the control, with the vaccination pass, of an identity document be reserved only for the police. The government, on the contrary, intends to extend this power to professionals in the places concerned: restaurateurs, hoteliers, etc. The rapporteur, Jean-Pierre Pont (LREM), defended the idea by highlighting the legislative and regulatory provisions which already provide for verification the identity of customers: when paying by check, for the sale of alcoholic beverages or access to casinos, or even before taking the plane.

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Jean-Pierre Pont nevertheless proposed an amendment of “Editorial precision” in order to emphasize that “The operator will not carry out an identity check within the meaning of the Code of Criminal Procedure, but simply a verification of documentary concordance” between the identity mentioned on the vaccination pass and an official document bearing his photograph.

The question of minors

In the opposition, the group Les Républicains indicated, through the voice of Ian Boucard, that it will not oppose the principle of the vaccine pass. The right, however, proposes several amendments. On the one hand, the vaccination obligation for people with a long-term illness. On the other, its limitation to adults since the vaccination of minors is not their personal choice and must be done with the consent of at least one of the parents. “The rules will apply for 12-17 year olds”, said Olivier Véran, explaining that their vaccination coverage is similar to that of adults.

He also ruled out the idea of ​​gauges proportional to the size of establishments and not flat-rate, as defended by many deputies, including within the majority. According to him, in fact, the principle is ” Well ” in theory, but turns out to be “A gas plant” in practice.

Finally, Olivier Véran explained why, constitutionally, political meetings cannot depend on the same regime as leisure activities. The minister, on the other hand, declared himself “Rather favorable” to an amendment by Guillaume Larrivé (LR) which would allow candidates and parties who so wish to submit access to their public meetings to the vaccination pass.


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