Vaccination: Spain ahead of its neighbors

FOCUS – Since July 27, Spain is the first country in Europe in proportion of second doses administered in relation to its population. It could even soon be ranked first in the world, ahead of Canada.

Very marked by the successive waves of Covid-19, Spain reacted accordingly. Since Tuesday, July 27, our neighbors from across the Pyrenees have overtaken the United Kingdom in the proportion of second doses administered in relation to the population, reports the daily El Pais . Spain thus becomes the country in Europe with the highest rate of inhabitants with a complete vaccination schedule (55.93%), according to the statistical database Our World in Data. And in the next few hours, it could even become the country with the highest proportion of double-vaccinated among the 50 most populous nations in the world, ahead of Canada. Current leader with 56.74%, the North American country indeed communicates its data one day ahead of Madrid.

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While Our World in Data does not take into account people vaccinated with a single dose (either because they have antibodies or because they were injected with Janssen), it nevertheless shows a clear trend. At this rate, the goal of completely vaccinating 70% of the population will be reached at the end of August, in accordance with the schedule set by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in early April. However, insufficient to achieve collective immunity, which would require the vaccination of 80 to 90% of the population, because of the new, more contagious variants. In the meantime, Spain can claim to be ahead of France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and even the United States.

Tuesday July 27, France crossed the symbolic bar of 50% of fully vaccinated, announced the Directorate General of Health. But based on the Our World in Data repository, France has only 45.26% of people with a complete vaccination schedule, more than ten points less than its Spanish neighbor. The Ministry of Health remains aware of the accumulated delay, but indicated that the gap was narrowing, especially with Italy, and that France was “Very quickly catching up”. She remains, for now, the bad student of the top 7.

  • The UK is on the heels of Spain

Just overtaken by Spain, the United Kingdom nevertheless has a good ratio of 55.18% of double-vaccinated, according to Our World in Data, the third best total of the top 7. In recent days, the number The number of cases of Covid-19 has also fallen on the island, while no restrictive measures have been taken in the days or weeks preceding. The number of deaths and hospitalizations has also dropped drastically. Sign of the beginning of collective immunity? It is undoubtedly too early to tell, because the potential consequences of “Freedom day”, the day when restrictions were lifted in the United Kingdom, are not yet known.

  • Italy and Germany neck and neck

Our transalpine and cross-Rhine neighbors are progressing at almost the same pace. Thus, Germany has 49.88% of people with a complete vaccination schedule, against 49.77% for Italy, ranking respectively fourth and fifth in the top 7. But the two countries use different methods to encourage vaccination. For now, Germany refuses to use a health pass, but “The vaccinated will certainly have more freedoms than the unvaccinated” in the coming weeks, warned Helge Braun, director of the chancellery cabinet. But since the spring, Germans have to present a negative test to go to restaurants, bars, cinemas or stadiums, but also to go to the hairdresser.

On the contrary, Italy has chosen to bet on the health pass, which will come into force on August 6. Called the Green Pass, it must be presented to visit bars and restaurants, visit a museum, go to a swimming pool or sit in a cinema or theater chair.

  • Between Canada and the United States, the great gap

If Canada sits (for now) at the top of the top 7, with 56.74% of double vaccinated, the United States, them, are not keeping pace. With 48.83% of people on the complete vaccination schedule, the North American country ranks sixth, just ahead of France. Tuesday, July 27, Joe Biden has also toughened the tone, indicating that the compulsory vaccination was “in the study” for federal government employees. The wearing of masks indoors has also been reinstated in areas at risk, even for vaccinated people, while the country’s health authorities deem it unnecessary for them.

Canada is continuing its road to immunity. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country had received enough vaccines to offer two doses to all eligible Canadians.


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