Vaccine, headache and risk taking


A new year of protests and controversies is ahead of us. 2021 has started off very strongly from this point of view. No sooner had the Christmas trees been placed on the sidewalks than the ball of grumblers and suspicious people resumed as in the worst days of 2020. We had the endless trial over the masks, valid, not valid, useful, useless, necessary, superfluous, protective, harmful, obligatory… Then came the great quarrel of too late tests, also in insufficient number. These civil wars barely subsided when the vaccine war broke out.

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A real war of religion opposing several categories of French. In the front line the big battalions of suspicious people who, behind every novelty, every invention of science supported by the authorities, discern the underground plot of an evil power and with barely masked faces of political evil and the interests of evil capitalism. These are the spontaneous plotters, ready to jump on the slightest detail of the news, on the slightest unfortunate word, on the smallest hitches to explain to you with airs of who knows what to beware of. vaccines because they are full of long-acting poisons. It is necessary to be of a caution of Sioux, not to accept an injection without having consulted all the Internet sites related to the pandemic and read all the paranos expressed there.

Opinions always more authorized than official words. “I know a doctor who treats a cousin from the provinces. He advised him not to be vaccinated right away and reminded him that it takes ten years to ensure that a vaccine is safe ”. Why ten years and not fifty or a hundred years? Because in fifty or a hundred years it will be too late to take any risks since we will all be dead.

Conspiracy abounds. We noted this statement in the mouth of a wise man: “I heard on the radio that it was the Chinese who invented the virus to spread schizophrenia in Western countries and to show the superiority of the Chinese regime and its party. communist to ensure human happiness ”. The unverifiable is authoritative.

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The delirium over vaccines has reached such a level that we see people who, among those who were most wary, at the origin, of this method of prevention, seize the French delays to denounce once again the nullity of the government. They were against vaccination and ranted at its prospect. It is announced, they storm again, but against the slowness. Government caution is being put at its expense by the very people who demanded that we be wary of vaccines. We are not, in France, world champion of suspicion, with one contradiction. And some bad-tempered days, we are not far from sharing the opinion of Bernard Pivot, regretting the other day on the radio, that “there is no vaccine against bullshit”.


The concept of risk is at the heart of the debate. To be inoculated with little-known products is risky. Offering them to the people after only one year of research is a risk. We cannot deny the existence of a risk in these matters, even slight, even limited to certain people, to certain types of complexions or biological identities.

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But if this risk is worth taking, it seems to us, it is to rule out one, very proven this one, the risk of being overtaken by the virus which has terrorized humanity for twelve months and us. deprives of several freedoms. Risk for oneself and risk, too, for others because we can bet that, as with any type of disease, vaccination, step by step, protects the family, the neighborhood, the city, the country and ultimately the world whole. Unfortunately, the altruistic nature of being vaccinated is never highlighted. It’s simple: if you don’t want to protect yourself, do it for others.

The debate on the obligation was cut short because no one would dare to propose to make this vaccination compulsory. Yet we could have, based on the prohibition of endangering others, affirm that the refusal of the vaccine is akin to the possession of a prohibited weapon that can be aimed at one’s contemporaries. But who would take the risk of braving good people about it? Faced with public opinion, we must be courageous but no one is required to be reckless …


The debate on vaccines, hysterized by the mainstream media, has featured many other nonsense and signs of bad faith. For example, ministers have been criticized for not having placed themselves in the first row in the queues and for having left the residents of nursing homes to wipe the plasters. But what would we not have heard if, like free riders, these ministers had come to the front row? They would have taken the place of “fragile people who needed it”. And put their communication before the health of our elderly! We can already hear the clamors of the people about this behavior of “privileged” without scruple going so far as to jostle the weakest to make themselves foam …

Another manifestation of bad faith, the trial in excessive bureaucratic caution about the pace of “father”. We are now being cited as an example of energy the British executive who, faced with what is akin to a general panic, has vaccinated with all speed and speed including with products that have not obtained, for us , the green light from the European Union. It is because Brexit allows him to do what he wants, without waiting for these unbearable cautious people who are the continent’s laggards.

No risk does not exist. Media wisdom tells us as soon as a disaster upsets public opinion. It’s true, but the greatest risk to run when you come to earth, barely out of your mother’s womb, is the risk of living with its long-term effect which is the obviousness of dying. The question is not to avoid all risk but to measure it. For the baby, the parents take care of it. For adults, in principle, it is up to everyone to make the right decisions to protect themselves against the scourges, knowing that one is never in zero risk since to live is to risk.

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There are people whose risk is even the job. Firefighters, soldiers, police and gendarmes have made risk a foundation of their existence. Not that they were candidates for suicide but because, consciously, they placed the hypothesis of bad luck in the middle of their professional life. They did not commit to a safe life but consented to a life with it. The French soldiers killed these days in the Sahel to protect us from Islamist terrorism did not sign up to protect themselves. They had in them that virtue which is called courage. Among our scares, let us meditate on their bravery.


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